Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
    Model Railroading / Railway Modelling with POV-Ray -
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

  Model Railroading
  Railway Modelling
  with POV-Ray
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  - Rail Track System
    for POV-Ray
    Basic Track Elements
    - Straight & Curved
    - Switches
    - Wye + 3Ways
    - Level Junctions

    - Simplified Using by
      - Rail Tracks Elements

    - Track Layout with
      Model Scaled Tracks
     > H0 Scale Tracks
      - N Scale Tracks
      - Z Scale Tracks

    - Track Layout with
      scaled Tracks
      - Track Placement
      - Tracks Up & Down

    - Track Layout Examples
      - Simple cyclic
      - Simple eight

    - Download of the
      Rail Track System

 H0 Scale Tracks
  with the 'Rail Track System' for POV-Ray

H0 Scale Tracks of the geometry type B
Needed additional include files:

H0 Scale Tracks
H0 Scale Tracks geometry type B

  Base length for switches L1 = 239 mm / L2 = 231 mm
  Switch angle: 15°
  Switch radius: ~0.846 m


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